Wednesday, April 21, 2010

EYE ON EBAY-------A-yodelling we will go

You ebayers are so predictable. £417 for the Exits ep. Couldn't you have let it alone so I could win it for £100? If only I'd been a regular at Rumbelows in Hounslow back in the day, one of the few outlets it was sold despite the band coming from the glamourously-glazed city of Stoke.


bristolboy said...

mine has the Rumbelows ltd, 204 high st hounslow stamp on the inner sleeve (certainly didn't pay as much as that though)
would you like some mp3's to appease the loss (or gain if you think you still have £100 to buy something else)

Rupert Cook said...

Love some MP3's. Cheers.

bristolboy said...

check yer inbox they are waiting for you