Thursday, February 7, 2008


I became a little disappointed with later releases on Sarah records. My devotion faltered around the Sarah 80 mark. Now I'm making up for my former reticence and attempting to obtain those missing numbers. Autobiography by the Hit Parade appears fairly regularly on ebay but it rarely sells for less than £12. I'm very pleased to win it for £8.50.


I'm a victim of cowardice when it comes to bidding for the Model Mania single on the wonderfully named Boob records. I stall well short of its final sale price £101.


The Scavenger rarely roams westward but after studying Record Collector in search of record fairs in new territory he and his scavenging sidekick opted for a root around Cheltenham. The record fair was the main attraction but Cheltenham has an excellent record shop close to the main part of town plus a few charity shops. The fair was mildly diverting. I found a single by Scarlet Downs which was a reasonable £5. One dealer showed me his punk wares and he impressed me with the utter belief he had in his ambitious pricing. They're Back Again, Here They Come by the Cigarettes was a staggering £80. I couldn't imagine the kind of nicotine high I'd have to be on to part with that much for what is admittedly one of the best singles of the punk era. It usually sells for around £50 on ebay. I knew he was unsound when I saw he'd priced Stupid Guy by the Paranoids at £15. I saw it with two other dealers and it never bruised double figures. I left with the one single, sidekick Kathryn left with three CD's: Early Morning Hush compilation; Luke Haines:Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop and Nara Leao:Nara 67. The charity shops yielded nothing for me but Kathryn found an LP featuring the Mike Sammes Singers called Sammes Session.