Tuesday, January 20, 2009


First seen brazenly offering itself to me for £15 in a Bristol record shop I am seduced by its charms for a meagre 50p. It's an LP by the Great Outdoors and it's lounging indecorously upon some utter eighties tat by the likes of Dire Straits and Genesis. It was found outside....

David's has shrunk since my last visit. Not such a vast vinyl selection but still the odd decent find. A Two People 12" for 50p and a Sound LP for £3. Also the dead people ambience of charity shops is absent.

Letchworth's premier charity shop. Can you wait to go inside? No, neither can I. And this is what we found........

One of these infamous Top Of The Pops LP's sold for a £100 on ebay. Not this canary-coloured effort. The girl isn't in a bikini, that's a pound off its sale price. These LP's were the sole reason for teenage acne in the seventies.

Those earrings explain why Su Pollard has no curtains in her bedroom. Miss Pollard was the training bra Tracey Ullman. Can you believe this woman had a no.2 hit in 1986? Makes you pine for Stock Aitken and Waterman. And if you're wondering, no we didn't buy it.

Our first charity shop in Welwyn Garden City. I wonder what the Farmers Boys would do with those hands to the girls on the right. So which of these records do you think we bought?

Playing musical charades. It's either "China In Your Hand" or "Cats In The Cradle". Kathryn tried for "Tiger Feet" but she doesn't have toes that grip. For all you animal lovers out there we rescued this feline from its dusty domain, Cancer Research.