Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WHAT I LOST ON EBAY----------Not quite as extinct as the Dodo

A four track EP of great rarity, the Sex, Violence And The Eternal Truth 7" contains contributions from the Dodos, Venom, Lost Boys and What To Wear. The seller had the initiative to treat potential buyers to a clip of What To Wear's We're The Martians Now which was rather wonderful. Slightly superior to anything on their earlier EP which rarely visits ebay, although when it did as a Buy It Now for about £5 I was quick to pounce. My luck ran out around the £60
mark on this though, the final total being £144.

EYE ON EBAY-------A sentiment I'd only apply to certain oligarchs

First heard Carl Gustav And The 84's on a Messthetics CD. That track was the B side, Through Birds, Through Fire, But Not Through Glass which was an interesting post punk effort. Never heard the A side, I Want To Kill Russians, but am annoyed I didn't risk a punt on this as it went cheaply.