Thursday, October 29, 2009


Under the guise of the Cardiacs I saw this lot live a couple of times at the Marquee. Over the years they built up a ferocious following; many swooned over their cabaret prog indie recipe and whether you loved them or not they were always entertaining. Originally known as Cardiac Arrest this debut release on Tortch usually gives good return for the seller but the final price of £134.32 is the highest I've seen it sell for. Advisable not to bid on this if you have a weak heart.


It's cold wave, it's minimal synth, it's enough to encourage a huge outlay of £144. This is Betrayal by Secession. It's also on the Garden label and it's Scottish. And extremely rare the seller assures us so it got Bidder 6 excited and he ousted Bidder 1 from the top of the auction tree. Me, I haven't an inkling who this lot were and I wasn't prepared to pay enormous sums to find out.


1 Three Dancers : Seventeen
2 Pete Green : Best Band Supported By "Shockwaves"
3 Peppelkade 14 : Hour After Hour
4 L Kage : My Head's On Fire
5 Manhattan Love Suicides : Kessler Syndrome
6 Claim : Mrs. Shepherd
7 Two People : Let's Raise Murder
8 Absent Friends : Stand Up And Fight
9 Lost Boys : Who Are The Meek Ones?
10 Pheromoans : Suburban Despot
11 Distant Cousins : Concrete Boxes
12 What To Wear : We're The Martians Now
13 Screen 3 : European Journey
14 Joni Dee And The Times : Here Come The Holidays
15 A Classic Education : Best Regards
16 English McCoy : Give Me Something To Believe In
17 Beware The Dog : Madam
18 Single File : Out In The Traffic
19 Lovely Eye : Don't Look Down The Road
20 Dodos : Blind To Fiction

Green numbers indicate new entries.