Tuesday, February 2, 2010


1 Hardy Boys : Plink Plonk Fizz
2 Hardy Boys : Let The World Smother You
3 Form : Watch Out
4 Hardy Boys : Send Me A Sign
5 Codeine Velvet Club : Hollywood
6 Nightingales : Devil In The Detail
7 Cold Comfort : Don't Want To Know
8 Next Time Passions : Not Here Anymore
9 Cavalcade : Meet You In The Rain
10 Cavalcade : Voices
11 Cold Comfort : Really Really Don't Mind
12 M J Hibbett : Fucking Hippy
13 M J Hibbett : Clubbing In The Week
14 Baby Jane Holzer : Nowhere
15 High And Dry : Rising Waves
16 Cavalcade : Rooftops And Chaotic Streets
17 Aces And Eights : Hard Luck Stories
18 Cold Comfort : S.A.W.S
19 Sex Clark Five : You Left The Light On In Your Eyes
20 Up And Running : Johnny And Marie

Green numbers indicate new entries.

EYE ON EBAY------Mod spends wad

From the Mike Read collection comes Stevie Sharp And The Clean Cuts. Mod revival on Happy Face which might not be so happy once you've chucked £142 at it. We Are The Mods was a rallying cry the buying public soundly ignored back in 1980.


EYE ON EBAY-----Used Needles are expensive

Anything on Ellie Jay seems to whip up a froth of interest. The Needles are a mystery to me but someone parted with £43.79 to acquire Jayneski/Gotta Know You. Did they do anything else?


EYE ON EBAY--------Clive alive!

Clive Culbertson's Time To Kill single never fails to make a pauper out of someone and that someone will be £153.12 poorer. This single seems to appear every few months or so but still attracts high bids.