Thursday, February 4, 2010


Found in a secondhand record shop in London for £25. A xmas present from the girlfriend as she saw me tugging a few raddled notes from my pocket and took charitable pity on me.
Daktari Swets on lead vocal, Pete Watt on vocals and guitar, Nick Calloway on lead guitar, Andy Hill on bass and Big G on drums made up The Form. Watch Out, a perky piece of punky pop, was released on Elephant records and has the catalogue number Tun 2 which is a teasing hint that there exists a Tun 1. One suspects they were fresh out of school, expelled or otherwise, in 1980 when this blast of juvenilia was released. Two other songs, London Underground and Start Again, lurk with potent intent on the B side. All worthy of a gold star.

The Form - Watch Out

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