Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Evening Outs : Channel/Stammer

Having now owned this evasive gremlin for a week or so I feel suitably balanced to reflect. There's a vacuity to fill. Try as I may to transfer an ineffable desire to another of my wants a rapacious zeal is yet to develop for say Candy Ranch's Section 58 7" or Keen's Feline Groovy 12". It's time that stretches desire and I've only wanted those singles for a few years. Would they generate equal excitement on ebay as the Evening Outs? As they have both sold for under £100 the answer seems to be no. But then if you pay a visit to Popsike you'll see that the Evening Outs sold for a sixth of what I paid when it was on ebay some years back.

The C86/private indie releases that I collect have not yet inspired numerous collectors and for that I am grateful. Only certain records such as singles by the English McCoy and Hardy Boys stoke up an unchecked fervour. The latter single sold for a massive £352 when it appeared on ebay. Search for these records in the Rare Record Price Guide and you'll find them absent. As is the Evening Outs single. So if some green dealer serendipitously unearthed it he would perhaps mark it at £10, the default setting it seems for obscure independent releases, at least in MVE. So now I wait patiently for my new top wants to appear and anticipate battles with my usual ebay foes, Picheux 89, Atichon (both French) and some unexpected upstart from Japan.

In the meantime here's the what you've been waiting for......

channel.mp3 - evening outs