Thursday, June 17, 2010

EYE ON EBAY----Unrecognized plant

Who was The Herbs? This one had me mystified. No sleeve so no clues. This was an EP with four songs, New York Nightmare, U Boat, Strum City and One Down And Two To Go, This City Has Sold Its Soul, released on SRT in 1980. Sold for £31.

EYE ON EBAY------Ikea's expensive utensil

Lucky bidders were treated to an excerpt of this Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons single which was released in 1980 in, claimed the seller, a measly batch of 300. The A side, Happy Funeral, is manic synth punk which reminds me of Devo being forced to perform Model Citizens songs at gunpoint. Some Swedes were behind this and the record came with an A4 size trading card featuring a picture of Elizabeth Taylor;apparently each single had a different card. Sold for £129.22.

EYE ON EBAY---A step beyond

Available from Detour for £300 this single by mod revivalists The Stripes evaded my grasp as it amassed £250 for the seller. My bidding fizzled out around the £100 mark.

EYE ON EBAY---Noises off

The oddly named Absolute Albert is a fine piece of synth sprinkled with a dollop of droll humour. Released on A Mad One records in 1982 it is almost certainly their only effort. Sold for £53.86.


1 Deep Freeze Mice : Neuron Music
2 Orange : Judy Over The Rainbow
3 Bluetrain : Land Of Gold
4 Vampire Weekend : Giving Up The Gun
5 Playing For Time : With My Heart
6 Bluetrain : Because Of The Dollars
7 Dadistics : Modern Girl
8 Blue Smarties : Sloop Buffy D
9 Gits : Too Many People
10 Dum Dum Girls : Jail La La
11 Fascinators : Blue Movies
12 Escorts : Bingo
13 Gross Club : Second Chance
14 Cavalcade : Meet You In The Rain
15 Fascinators : Monochrome Moan
16 Blood Red Shoes : You Bring Me Down
17 Cradleyard : This Is The Birth
18 Lucky Soul : One Kiss Don't Make A Summer
19 Hardy Boys : Let The World Smother You
20 Betty And The Werewolves : David Cassidy

Green numbers indicate new entries.