Monday, July 21, 2008


Some may accuse the Ting Tings of being as insubstantial as a bouquet of feathers but there was substantial interest in their Fruit Machine 7", apparently a gig only item. It sold for an eye-opening £135. I wonder if it'll generate that much interest in a few years time.

Another notable money maker was a Jam acetate, Strange Town, which collected the seller a formidable prize of £768.

Surprisingly the Buzzcocks first release Spiral Scratch amassed a healthy £56.79. I remember paying £10 for mine, that's the one without Devoto's name on the front of the sleeve, to a boy at school back in 1977. When it was reissued I was mildly annoyed especially as it was nearly identical to the original. The New Hormones original was pressed and pressed again due to demand so there are in the region of 15,000 out there hence my bewilderment at its high sale price. Looks like I made a reasonable investment.