Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Somehow it seems inappropriate to part with prodigous sums of money for an old cassette. Ethics, a fickle principle, call it what you will, it means I won't get to hear the Penny Candles song Sometimes. Just how many songs are called Sometimes? It's been used by Firehose, Erasure, James, Britney Spears and Ash. Yes I know there are more.


EYE ON EBAY------Got it on tape, but at a price.

In the grip of some crazy fever a cassette featuring the Penny Candles and the Wallflowers ( from Slough ) sells for a hefty £75. I can't fault anyone for liking the Penny Candles ; this is the second cassette featuring songs unavailable elsewhere as far as I know. How about a Penny Candles retrospective CD? Hull should have something to be proud of, now the football team is sinking fast.


EYE ON EBAY--------Now that's what I call music

Lpman secures another fine wad of cash for the Now's second single on Raw records. That's a rare record but the tracks are easy to obtain so no need to sacrifice £444.71.