Wednesday, February 24, 2010

EYE ON EBAY--------Love less than minus zero

Noisy punkniks from Bradford the Negatives released this much sought after single in 1979. Always encourages great activity on the keyboard when Love Is Not Real surfaces on ebay. Generated a tidy sum of £127.77 for the seller.


1 Kick Inside : Oh, Vanity!
2 Escorts : Bingo
3 Cavalcade : Meet You In The Rain
4 Parallelograms : Dream On Daisy
5 Allo, Darlin' : The Polaroid Song
6 Hardy Boys : Let The World Smother You
7 Cold Comfort : S.A.W.S
8 Form : Start Again
9 Ogdens : Rachel Put Your Arms About Me
10 Hardy Boys : Plink Plonk Fizz
11 Cavalcade : Rooftops And Chaotic Streets
12 Voluntary Butler Scheme : Trading Things In
13 Hardy Boys : Send Me A Sign
14 Blanche Hudson Weekend : Crying Shame
15 Wild Swans : God Forbid
16 Cold Comfort : Don't Want To Know
17 Codeine Velvet Club : Hollywood
18 Cavalcade : Voices
19 Form : Watch Out
20 That Strange Desire : By My Side

Green numbers indicate new entries.

EYE ON EBAY---------Frustrated rebels

The Outcasts had looks to match their name. Simple but effective Northern Irish punk band with a basic rawness that served them well. Though at times they make the Lurkers seem sophisticated that only makes them more endearing. Up for sale here was their first release, Frustration, on It records. Interest peaked at £58.89.

EYE ON EBAY------Panic in the streets of cyberspace

Fronted by a certain Mr. Valentine Guinness (hope that's his real name) Panic released an extremely limited red vinyl 7" around the beginning of the 1980's. Powerpop fiends were gently flustered and someone carried this prize off for £64.03. Guinness had a solo effort on the RAK label sink without trace a few months previous to this.