Tuesday, August 11, 2009

EYE ON EBAY-----Popclassics on parade

Four Popclassics items to savour. This seller has some interesting stuff and we'll start with the most controversial. According to Popclassics this single by Surreal Modern Musik was released in the UK in 1979. If so why is it not in 45 Revs? Seeing as one side is called Lust Of Berlin and they spell music with a K maybe it's a German release. Sold for £32.09.


Next is definitely a pop classic. The Shadowfax single about reds under the beds and in sheds and advancing on homesteads nets Popclassics a respectable £79.38.


I have no idea who You was but interest peaked at £22.07. Issued in 1980 on Ram/SRT. Any info is welcome.


And lastly the biggest moneymaker, the Gobblinz single London issued on Pinnacle in 1979. This unsurprisingly zoomed into three figures, final price £132.


EYE ON EBAY------A Gyppo on Baker Street

Gyppo single which Gerry Rafferty and mates knocked off when they got bored making pleasant music for the wine bar set. High Rise Love is the killer track but I'd never want to pay £175.02 for any record Rafferty was involved in.


EYE ON EBAY----Well blow me down with a trumpet

Amazing sum paid for this comp, the Jericho Collection, which netted £77.65 for seller Yekserves. I picked up an extra copy of this at Leicester record fare last year for £1. I have seen it since then for about £3. Certainly has a fine selection of bands, mostly from around the Oxford area, that would please any C86/indie collector, including My Fellow Men, Anyways and Clamheads. Methinks I better get my extra copy on ebay soon.


EYE ON EBAY------Were they jumping someone else's train?

Not sure how good this single by Three Imaginary Boys can be with two participants calling themselves Wog and Studge. That didn't seem to deter this powerpop/punk crossover, as seller Modboy describes it, selling for a substantial sum, £114.23 to be precise. The third member of the band is called Ollie. You'd have to be tempted to stick a G in front and place his name next to the imaginitively named Wog.



1 Das Schnitz : 4AM
2 Memphis : You Supply The Roses
3 New You : Whispering Down
4 Home And Abroad : Big Red Bus
5 Peruvian Hipsters : Tony Hadley
6 impLOG : Breakfast
7 Fish John West Reject : Twenty Ways
8 Smittens : What Do We Do Now?
9 Help Stamp Out Loneliness : Cellophane
10 Northern Portrait : Crazy
11 Honest Johns : Grandfather Of Gold
12 Ash Can School : A Day Out Of Paris
13 Eux Autres : Other Girls
14 Peppelkade 14 : Time Flies
15 Hardy Boys : Fifteen
16 Dolly Mixture : New Look Baby
17 Lovely Eggs : Have You Ever Heard A Digital Accordion?
18 Shitbirds : Oh Joy
19 Hardy Boys : Wonderful Lie
20 Indifferent Dance Centre : Flight And Pursuit

Green numbers indicate new entries.