Friday, March 7, 2008


At last I have the set. Having obtained Obscure Independent Classics volumes 2-5 over the years number 1 has not only eluded it me it's never even grinned teasingly at me. It made its debut on ebay and then who appeared? Gothic Darkwave of course, surfing on a tsunami wave of funds, a rogue, a rapscallion, a minion of the devil; possibly, or perhaps a timid soul festering in fruitless labour who carves a morsel of pleasure from the edifice of his drab life by snatching remote records from cyberspace. With a second to go I outbid....Nykobing, an old adversary. Mr.Darkwave did not stir from his Gormenghastian outhouse. Soon the famous Cordelia cat will be mewing at my letterbox.