Thursday, August 27, 2009

EYE ON EBAY------A demon with the dictionary.

Oooh tasty. I'm not a huge fan of American punk but I do love Lexicon Devil by the Germs. The song's name always intrigued me, I'd rate it up there with Keep An Open Mind Or Else as one of the greatest song titles, and its legend grew for me as the years passed, until I finally heard it about three years ago. Musically it almost matches its moniker although it took me several plays to succumb to its feral charm. It sold for £215.26.

EYE ON EBAY-----Not many Risk takers.

It's a strange world where various artists contribute to a tribute CD to underachievers the Jet Set. But it may get stranger as there is rumoured to be a similar project devoted to the Risk. Still if Cherry Red can see fit to reissue LP's on CD by the likes of Geordie and Blitz to a resounding " Who buys this stuff?" then why not pay tribute to forgotten mod bands? Sales will be small though judging by the indifference paid to the Risk's Loud Shirts And Stripes ep which sold for a dismal £7.49.

EYE ON EBAY----Find it a round hole.

Absolutely no idea who the Square Peg were and interest was not sufficient to even launch this into double figures; the seller collected a miserable £8.27. But his grading was thorough and he was niggardly with it which may have put bidders off.


1 Home And Abroad : Big Red Bus
2 English McCoy : Give Me Something To Believe In
3 Smittens : What Do We Do Now?
4 Help Stamp Out Loneliness : Cellophane
5 Das Schnitz : 4 AM
6 Eux Autres : Other Girls
7 New You : Whispering Down
8 Memphis : You Supply The Roses
9 Northern Portrait : Crazy
10 impLOG : Breakfast
11 Hardy Boys : Fifteen
12 Peruvian Hipsters : Tony Hadley
13 Fireflies : Cherry Blossom Girl
14 Ash Can School : A Day Out Of Paris
15 Hardy Boys : Wonderful Lie
16 Just Joans : Gin And Platonic
17 Honest Johns : Grandfather Of Gold
18 Shitbirds : Oh Joy
19 Peppelkade 14 : Time Flies
20 Fish John West Reject : Twenty Ways

Green numbers indicate new entries.