Saturday, January 31, 2009


1 Miracle Mile : Breaking Down The Barriers
2 Evening Outs : Channel
3 Pale Fountains : (Don't Let Your Love) Start A War
4 Fallover 24 : Pessimistic Man
5 World Of Pooh : Stones Of Judgement
6 Friends Ahoi : Grandstand Girls
7 Modernaires : Fait Vos Jeux
8 Whips : Nationwide
9 Sema 4 : Capital City
10 One Happy Island : Earth's Circumference
11 Ember Days : Plaza
12 Ninotchka : I've Got Wings
13 Suntime Glorious : Sexual Health
14 Statistics : Dumb
15 Da Biz : On The Beach
16 Queue Dance : Not The One For Me
17 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart : Everything With You
18 Ruth Ellis Swing Band : The Antichrist Of Love And Hate
19 Northern Portrait : Crazy
20 Elephant Noise : Halloween Day

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Friday, January 30, 2009

EYE ON EBAY---------Over-inflated clams

Uncompromising shrieky skronk from America in thrall to the muse of discordia. We're at music's funeral and in the threnody is the therapy. Inflatable Boy Clams is hotly sought after by those who appreciate that which cannot be whistled. Twice what I paid for my copy.


The magic of the Go Betweens has not dimmed it seems. Constantly acclaimed by the critics they never realised the commercial success they deserved. Ipman 13's incredible array of rare records threw this gem into the ebay ring, Karen / Lee Remick on the Able Label, which I'd never seen before. Bidding was strong and the eventual winner sacrificed nearly £200 to acquire this excellent early single.

EYE ON EBAY------Mouse Thaws

Mint copy of the Deep Freeze Mice's debut LP vanishes into the hazy hills of high prices. £205.78, my jaw has carpet burns. I remember getting this monumental chunk of Alan Jenkins madness for £30 in a second-hand record shop in Ipswich back in the mid 1990's. And it had the booklet which had a recipe for grilled salamanders or something. If you ever have a dinner invite around ours, think twice.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Both Gobblinz singles turn up courtesy of American seller Ipman who has had some delectable rarities up for sale over the last few months. As expected they both gallop over the £100 mark. These Peterborough punks have a slight Stranglers influence which is more evident on the second single. One of their number went on to play in the Pleasureheads who released a few decent indie records in the late 1980's of which Holding On and Treasure are recommended.

Should you wish to acquire the two Gobblinz singles hunt down the reissues. They come in identical sleeves and you'll probably get change from £20 for the pair.


The Dolly Mixture seller also offered this minor punk gem by Three Party Split. A second single was recorded but never released and when one of the band left to join Fischer Z Three Party Split split


Those three twee ladies Dolly Mixture always agitate the indie collectors. Whilst the singles fairly frequently venture on to ebay the LP is a little shyer. £84.58 is a decent price for both seller and buyer. I tried to shift my extra copy for a £100 a few months back but nobody turned up.


1 Miracle Mile : Breaking Down The Barriers
2 Fallover 24 : Pessimistic Man
3 Evening Outs : Channel
4 Whips : Nationwide
5 Sema 4 : Capital City
6 One Happy Island : Earth's Circumference
7 Ember Days : Plaza
8 Friends Ahoi : Grandstand Girls
9 Ninotchka : I've Got Wings
10 World Of Pooh : Stones Of Judgement
11 Modernaires : Fait Vos Jeux
12 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart : Everything With You
13 Suntime Glorious : Sexual Health
14 Ruth Ellis Swing Band : The Antichrist Of Love And Hate
15 Danny Boys : Days Of The Week
16 Elephant Noise : Halloween Day
17 Groove Farm : Baby Blue Marine
18 Northern Portrait : Crazy
19 Now : Development Corporations
20 Statistics : Dumb

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Sunday, January 25, 2009


The Rok label released a lot of rather ordinary knee-deep in mod/pub rock style singles. This is of interest to me as I used to work with one of the Debutantes backing singers in Readings record shop in Clapham Junction in the early 1980's. Her name was Valerie Shatwell (I'm not making this up) and I had a crush on her. My affection for her was never revealed though I imagine she was aware of it as I took her to see the Teardrop Explodes at Hammersmith Apollo (it wasn't called that then). Not long after being caught up in the Brixton riots, she lived in Railton Road and had her flat window smashed, she returned to her homeland, Scotland. I pined for her for a few weeks and then the resilience of youth returned me to my senses. She was 23 and I was 18 and it would never have worked. But whenever I play her single, an unremarkable effort, I think back to my hopeless crush and a sliver of nostalgia pierces my hardened heart.


The legendary Ed Ball had a hand in the Reflection AOB single. The seller had originally placed a wildly optimistic starting price of £199. Months went by and ebay remained shy of free-spending idiots so it was come all at a greatly reduced starting bid. Mod revival fans queued up and it sold for a sensible £48.


Seller requires information. Wants to know how much the English McCoy single is worth. My response, "name your price, I'll see if I can match it." Too late. The seller put it on ebay and offers flooded in. The seller yanked it off ebay and despatched it to Japan pocketing £237 thereby depriving the indie community of a ferocious bidding war. Nobody had a chance to place an opening bid. An instant £237 is good but a patient £300 is far better.


1 Fallover 24 : Pessimistic Man
2 Sema 4 : Capital City
3 Ember Days : Plaza
4 Evening Outs : Channel
5 Ninotchka : I've Got Wings
6 Whips : Nationwide
7 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart : Everything With You
8 One Happy Island : Earth's Circumference
9 Friends Ahoi : Grandstand Girls
10 Miracle Mile : Breaking Down The Barriers
11 Danny Boys : Days Of The Week
12 Now : Development Corporations
13 World Of Pooh : Stones Of Judgement
14 Groove Farm : Baby Blue Marine
15 Elephant Noise : Halloween Day
16 Whips : Walking In Circles
17 Ruth Ellis Swing Band : The Antichrist Of Love And Hate
18 White Heat : Nervous Breakdown
19 Northern Portrait : Crazy
20 Suntime Glorious : Sexual Health

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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Discovered in MVE a few months back this odd little effort from the Faraway Stars fell from the skies in 1981 on Robo records. The group was made up of Rose Saddler on bass and backing vocals, Pete Giles on synthesizers, Fran Ashcroft on vocals and guitars and Mick Pearl on drums.

The A side sounds as if it erupted from a bad teen movie cash-in celebrating the waywardness of early eighties youth. Production is pinned down to a minimum as befits a record that comes in a thin paper sleeve. Remember that Joy Division look? Brooding around on bridges and in underpasses suits some but is undermined here by the bicycle. Let's hope they stole it and they ride without clips.

Their genius remained inconspicuous and they vanished, possibly to roam around the planets.

I think the B side the better of the two tracks. It's no classic but it's mildly engaging though one might expect a little more threat from a song called Sex And Violence. Listen for yourselves.

sex and violence.mp3 - faraway stars

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


First seen brazenly offering itself to me for £15 in a Bristol record shop I am seduced by its charms for a meagre 50p. It's an LP by the Great Outdoors and it's lounging indecorously upon some utter eighties tat by the likes of Dire Straits and Genesis. It was found outside....

David's has shrunk since my last visit. Not such a vast vinyl selection but still the odd decent find. A Two People 12" for 50p and a Sound LP for £3. Also the dead people ambience of charity shops is absent.

Letchworth's premier charity shop. Can you wait to go inside? No, neither can I. And this is what we found........

One of these infamous Top Of The Pops LP's sold for a £100 on ebay. Not this canary-coloured effort. The girl isn't in a bikini, that's a pound off its sale price. These LP's were the sole reason for teenage acne in the seventies.

Those earrings explain why Su Pollard has no curtains in her bedroom. Miss Pollard was the training bra Tracey Ullman. Can you believe this woman had a no.2 hit in 1986? Makes you pine for Stock Aitken and Waterman. And if you're wondering, no we didn't buy it.

Our first charity shop in Welwyn Garden City. I wonder what the Farmers Boys would do with those hands to the girls on the right. So which of these records do you think we bought?

Playing musical charades. It's either "China In Your Hand" or "Cats In The Cradle". Kathryn tried for "Tiger Feet" but she doesn't have toes that grip. For all you animal lovers out there we rescued this feline from its dusty domain, Cancer Research.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Various friends lurk in the ebay shrubbery. On occasion they briefly become enemies as they declare an interest in an item you are itching to own. It might have been the role of loser for jbsolo if I'd have not malfunctioned with 12 seconds to go. I daintily struck the right keys but the computer refused to obey and furious typing on my part failed to correct the error, either mine or the computer's.

Anyway I'm fairly sure jbsolo is Jessel of Canada and he shuffles away with the Four Idle Hands single for its starting price. Enjoy it Jessel but just remember I know where you live ( too bloody far away ), ha, ha ( that was a blood-curdling laugh ).


This Home And Abroad single rarely raises its ugly head so I threw a cursory amount at it. I'm not entirely convinced by their stuff so there was little need for hugs and commiserations from the girlfriend. I'd have been willing to chuck £2o its way but such niggardliness on my part failed to woo it. Instead it went to old adversary Atichon for £44.87. When I find it for £2 in MVE I'll chew on a croissant in his spendthrift honour.


These Swiss misses, Chin Chin, released one of the must-have indie releases on 53rd & 3rd called Stop! Your Crying. Other fine efforts were unleashed upon the world, an LP called Sounds Of The Westway and this single which netted the seller a staggering £67. Well it surprised me anyway as I paid a little over £40 for it. Congratulations Strumpet 06, you paid more than I did but you'll find it money well spent.


My old friend Strike Up Matches seems to have an unlimited supply of C86 connected classics, some of which I have never heard of. This release by the Passiondales was as much a mystery to him as it was to me but he claimed it was superior indiepop and buyer jiminee 1968 forked out £56 to acquire it, so he either knew its worth or he trusts Mr.Matches judgement.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Apparently Fire Exit were formed after a heavy drinking session. I failed to imbibe suitable quantities of alcohol to allow me to bid without due care and attention and so I let this prize escape me. Released on Timebomb Explosions in 1979 it is reputed to be a classic. Their only single but there are a couple of live CD's and a studio offering called We're Just Punks which features six originals and a new version of the single.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Riots ensued as this Swedish indiepop rarity by the Mary Go Round on West Side Fabrication loped over the £100 mark. As good as the Happydeadmen the seller proclaimed and that created havoc in the indie community as no less than fourteen bids were collected for this tempting morsel. I was frozen out before I even contemplated bidding.


Australian indie pop that always evades me. The Fish John West Reject have always rejected my advances and being unable to pounce at auction's end John West and his inadequate fish swam away from my net.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


1 Fallover 24 : Pessimistic Man
2 Sema 4 : Capital City
3 Ninotchka : I've Got Wings
4 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart : Everything With You
5 Danny Boys : Days Of The Week
6 Ember Days : Plaza
7 Now : Development Corporations
8 Groove Farm : Baby Blue Marine
9 One Happy Island : Earth's Circumference
10 Elephant Noise : Halloween Day
11 White Heat : Nervous Breakdown
12 Whips : Walking In Circles
13 Friends Ahoi : Grandstand Girls
14 Evening Outs : Channel
15 World Of Pooh : Stones Of Judgement
16 Northern Portrait : Crazy
17 Deirdres : Milk Is Politics
18 Milky Wimpshake : Dialling Tone
19 Ruth Ellis Swing Band : The Antichrist Of Love And Hate
20 Family Way : Sugar Baby Love

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Friday, January 9, 2009


This delicious slice of powerpop by the Various Artists reels in the seller £71. I can vouch for the pedigree of the A side as it appears on the comp Powerpearls 2. They claim there is an extremely rare LP by this Bristol bunch out there somewhere. Let the hunt begin.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


£69 secures a powerpop classic by the Form. Is it a powerpop classic? I don't know but seller Funky Gibbon claimed it was. He also claimed to be selling more rarities and he did not disappoint. Meanwhile the mysterious Form single intrigues me; is it as good as anything by the Smirks?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Turntable Revolution Record Collection 21


Has the world gone mad? Or is it that the glorious city of Norwich inspires a boundless love? The cult of Alan Partridge has hypnotized the nation and now all that emanates from Norwich must be investigated. So this comp, Welcome To Norwich-A Fine City, excited somebody enough to part with £124. And who wouldn't be excited by the Higsons, Happy Few, Mohair Twins and Screen 3? I could certainly get mildly intrigued by Screen 3 who have released a couple of decent singles but I'd not untangle more than a few fivers to sate my curiosity. Anyway apropos of very little I'd just like to say that Norwich is one of my favourite cities and was once home to a very fine record collecting person, Jeanette Leech. And though she no longer resides there it is still a fine city with two or three decent record shops.