Thursday, December 10, 2009

EYE ON EBAY-----Bunch of failed liars.

The seller kindly gave bidders a listen and I liked what I heard. This is Society and their single Can't Hide A Lie. A rousing roistering punky number released in 1980, apparently without a picture sleeve. Sold for its starting price of £30.82 and I'm regretting not chucking £40 at it.

EYE ON EBAY-------If only they'd had texting back then

Mystery powerpoppers the Bodgers cut this single Stutter/I Hate Phoning Girls back in 1982 on their imaginatively named label Bodgers Records. Did this originally come in a sleeve? If so it might have sold for more than £26.


1 Different Eyes : Uncomfortable
2 Girls At Dawn : Every Night
3 Different Eyes : Open The Box
4 Love Train : Rags To Riches To Rags
5 Beware The Dog : Nasty Things
6 Royston : Snake's Song
7 Royston : Gerald's Eyes
8 Dislocation Dance : Violette
9 Up And Running : Johnny And Marie
10 Allo, Darlin : Henry Rollins Don't Dance
11 Read All Over : Outside To The Other World
12 Black And White Lovers : Best Years Of Our Lives
13 Chosen : Sound Of The Dream
14 Corvettes : Love To Hate You
15 Point : My Mind
16 Don't Ask : Destiny
17 New Walk : Pressure Point
18 Life Support : About You
19 A Classic Education : Best Regards
20 35 Summers : I Didn't Try

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