Thursday, June 30, 2011

EYE ON EBAY-------Retired surfers resting place

Newquay where can be found many a muscled moron aboard an oversized tea tray. But back in 1973 one imagines a more sedate visitor who might well have relaxed whilst being aurally caressed by the singers, instrumentalists, composers and arrangers of Newquay School expressing themselves in myriad ways on the lp Nearly All Our Own Work. Among the usual dalliances with Broadway standards and trad ar lurk a few originals, pick of which is a throat-growling number called Do You Wanna Try It? Probably recorded after all the kids had been packed off to bed it sounds like one of the dads with an Iggy fixation snuck into the studio and had an attack of the Joe Strummers. A little lumpen but the guitar is as heavy as fury. I won't claim that Kevin Calcutt, the writer, invented punk but he must have connected with it a few years later. The following track Sunrise returns to the prevailing mood of the era, pleasant wispy folk. I dug this up in a charity shop in Oxford for £2. Then I saw a copy on ebay which sold for £120.

EYE ON EBAY------Refused my invite

Who are the Guests? I lost the courage to bid on this as it ascended the financial ladder resting on the £205 rung. This single was released in 1980 on A Label Called Mabel and consisted of four tracks, Hit The Scene, Live In, Melt Down and Impressing The Press. They also had a track on a comp called Owt For Nowt which sold a few days later for £95.53.