Friday, October 30, 2009

Dawn Chorus

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I've come over all mid-eighties pop so my apologies to those who find a tune a little tiresome but you can voice your displeasure after you've heard this heavily treated version of When You Walk In The Room. Made palatable by the Searchers in the sixties this Ullmanesque experiment failed to meet with a dawn chorus of approval, as did their other two singles, one being a cover of Teenage Kicks, no doubt an attempt to curry favour with John Peel. Liz Kershaw, Andy's sister, was in the band, she maybe the singer, there are scant details on the sleeve, and I can picture her pestering Peel to play this. Rumour has thrown Carol Vorderman into the mix too but I'm sceptical about that though maybe she counted the band in. For a while Dawn Chorus And The Blue Tits records were top of the tree on Japanese collectors' lists; I think they perch on a lower branch now. I found this last week in a charity shop in Notting Hill for £1. The wonderful Jackie De Shannon wrote the song, fact fans.

Music will be uploaded in the next 24 hours.