Friday, July 11, 2008


These I want, must own:

Evening Outs : Channel
Keen : Feline Groovy
Book 'Em Danno : Papa's Got A Brand New Disease
Deadly Toys : Nice Weather
Hardy Boys : Wonderful Lie
Tin Openers : Set Me Free
Beyond The Implode : Last Thoughts

That's the tip of a very deep iceberg which, despite global warming, refuses to melt.
Some C86 related stuff and some punky glory, that 45 Revolutions book is a dangerous
tome to own. The Evening Outs is highlighted as I want it most of all.
Anyone got any of these they want to sell?


1 Wave Pictures : Strange Fruit For David
2 Kitchen Cinq : Determination
3 Some Loves : Know You Now
4 Kissamatic Lovebubble : Only Lust
5 Daniel Johnston : Fish
6 Ebony Bones : Don't Fart On My Heart
7 Water Pistols : Gimme That Punk Junk
8 Nautical William : Love House
9 Autumn Leaves : You Didn't Say A Word
10 Thanes : Hey Girl (Look What You've Done
11 Sea Urchins : Summershine
12 Penny Candles : Memory Box
13 Scabs : Amory Building
14 Manhattan Love Suicides : Clusterfuck
15 Penny Candles : Taj Mahal
16 Astronauts : All Night Party
17 Ting Tings : That's Not My Name
18 Mob : Give It To Me
19 Hill Bandits : Nowhere Train
20 Jetset : Judy's Toy Box

Green numbers indicate new entries.


Of late I'm being outbid on everything. Astronomical prices for relatively new records is the theme. Anything with Josephine Foster's name creeps dangerously close to three figures. I'm talking vinyl here, not CD. A friend paid in the region of £40 for one of her LP's some months back and now hails that as a steal. Said LP, Hazel Eyes, fetched over twice that on ebay this week. I'm prepared to wait for it to slip into MVE where I'm certain some ignoramus will thump a £15 sticker on it.

Then there's the Vivian Girls LP. Released within the last year the vinyl merrily meanders around the £40 mark. 500 were issued on vinyl and it seems to crop up every week. I'm wondering if any of the sellers actually wanted it or if they were all speculators. Will all 500 appear on ebay and if so will I be able to obtain it for a fiver?