Friday, July 11, 2008


Of late I'm being outbid on everything. Astronomical prices for relatively new records is the theme. Anything with Josephine Foster's name creeps dangerously close to three figures. I'm talking vinyl here, not CD. A friend paid in the region of £40 for one of her LP's some months back and now hails that as a steal. Said LP, Hazel Eyes, fetched over twice that on ebay this week. I'm prepared to wait for it to slip into MVE where I'm certain some ignoramus will thump a £15 sticker on it.

Then there's the Vivian Girls LP. Released within the last year the vinyl merrily meanders around the £40 mark. 500 were issued on vinyl and it seems to crop up every week. I'm wondering if any of the sellers actually wanted it or if they were all speculators. Will all 500 appear on ebay and if so will I be able to obtain it for a fiver?

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