Friday, July 18, 2008

They came from Coventry

They came from Coventry, or at least the label was based there. Boys And Girls Records had released an earlier record, a 7" compilation EP called Boys And Girls Come Out To Play which is incredibly rare, if you know of its whereabouts let me know, which featured one track by the Human Cabbages. There were five cabbages, Rosa on vocals, Steve Teers on organ, synth and trombone, Johnny Fagsnbooze (I want that surname) on guitar and vocals, Stan on bass and Steve W. on drums. This vinyl delight was released in 1981 to unimaginable disinterest.

The lead track "The Witch" is a jaunty ditty about a visit to said witch, whether a white or black witch is not clear. But one imagines witches of both persuasions abound in the midlands. Judging by the organ sound the band had been to a funfair just before recording this gem. "Air Raid Shelter" is a messy clash of post punk leaning towards groggy prog with a dash of smog-ingested rock to confuse.

After this the Human Cabbages disappeared, perhaps they were savaged by greenfly.

Final track I will be offering on Imeem to let you enjoy for yourselves.

one more fool.mp3 - human cabbages