Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Scavenge In South London

Yesterday I ventured into the dark and dank South London suburbs. As capitalism teeters on the edge of the crater of oblivion I was expecting to find charity shops full to the brim with credit-crunched scourers. But the usual crowd of bored teenage mothers, escaped lunatics and muddled pensioners greeted me. It's like a convention of the careless in the community out there. Anyway I offered a helping hand to Third Finger Left Hand by the Pearls, a 70's girl group who had a substantial hit with a song called Guilty (no.10 in 1974). TFLH brooded around the top thirty for six weeks back in 1972 and was their first chart success.

Meanwhile among the LP's I had unpleasant slog through prog. Genesis, Caravan (again) and some geezer from Uriah Heep with an unremarkable solo effort. Other LP's included stuff by Nasty Pop, Charlie and Simon Boswell who ended up in Advertising (the band, not the business).
Simon's LP was called Mind Parasites and was, and probably still is, a mediocre effort according to 45 Revs. Out of desperate curiosity I bought the Charlie LP. I'm listening to it now and if I make it to the end (which I doubt) I have Inflammable Material to hand to act as an antidote.

EYE ON EBAY------OverReacta

The amazing Lpman returns with another punky gem. A staggering £187+ is paid for this one off release by Reacta. I paid less than a third of that for my copy off ebay about a year ago.


Having seen the Shitbirds' Oh Joy (it features the delectable April March) single slip through my grasp twice in recent weeks, once for £33+ and again for only £15+ I was ecstatic to see it appear a third time at the starting price of £5. I then forgot all about it and failed to bid. Fortunately nobody did and the seller put it back on at £2.50. This time it attracted a bid. But it was a tame effort and I won it for less than a fiver. One of those rare ebay stories with a happy ending.

EYE ON EBAY-----Nothing to do with Beatle George

A mad scrambling in the indiepop undergrowth was predicted when the Harrison single appeared. And so it came to pass. These Birmingham boys, or from somewhere near that urban dystopia anyway, can always guarantee a three figure sum for the seller. If you're intrigued to hear it go to Youtube and put in Harrison C86 in the search facility.