Monday, February 9, 2009

EYE ON EBAY--------Out of Peel's box

I think I'm correct in claiming this was one of the records that John Peel always kept in his record box. The seller, the indefatigable Ipman 13, seems unaware of this but I imagine some of the bidders weren't, driving the price up to a mouthwatering £86.54. The Galactic Symposium was from Nottingham and they tinkered with such classics as Pink Floyd's Money and that homosexual anthem YMCA. Apparently the experience is akin to listening to Brahms and Liszt simultaneously at the wrong speed. Accomplished musicians were involved but they all decided to play instruments that they hadn't mastered hence the cacophonous result. Low Down Kids released a whole LP of their disturbing music in 2005.


This intrigues me. The Stripes single attracted 18 bids. The successful bidder sacrificed £265 to own this mysterious item. I want information. Is it as good as Abstract Art by Flying Colours? It may well have been comped as the seller claims but I can't find it on any of my comps.

EYE ON EBAY--------Let's be 'avin' you....

Norwich, the return. Obviously when it performed so well recently it was inevitable it would surface again. A higher return this time for the comp which features the Higsons. I await its arrival in MVE for a tenner; I can always rely on the ignorance of the MVE staff.