Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Your host and Jeanette Leech, avid record collector and struggling author, meet in a Huddersfield car park for a day of scavenging. Note the man in the background trying to disembowel the ticket machine; the recession has arrived.

It's not all about records. Outside Oxfam with our purchases, books about Henry Green, Japanese pop culture and er....a record by the Sadista Sisters.

See that's why the shop is called Wall Of Sound. For all you geeks out there, I'm sorry but I do not have a list of all those records clinging to the wall.
"Look I've found a record. I think I might like this one. It's from the sixties and a girl is singing the tune." Jeanette is modelling special glasses with lenses with super magnification designed to locate any vinyl imperfections. Red jacket is optional.

An old man is shocked by the colourful sleeves the records come dressed in. "In my day the little ones came in paper sleeves and the big ones span around faster." Your coffin awaits, sir.

Some people just can't resist showing off their DJ skills. Real DJ's know that things work better with two decks.
It's a pub and someone is drinking coffee! Meanwhile a man with a purple paunch has turned into a vinyl hybrid. He's half a School Of Seven Bells LP and half The Sound Of Wonder compilation.
That's the best Huddersfield could offer although we did buy the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart LP as well but it was too shy to come out of the bag.