Thursday, March 11, 2010

MACHINE------A ghost in or a spanner in.......

The existence of some obscure SRT release from around 1978 by a band called Machine called Bored Of The City was brought to my attention. 45 Revs is not up to (45) speed on this one. It's out there somewhere. Any info on this would be cherished around these parts.

EYE ON EBAY----The portable minimal Dylan

I remember buying this single by Rainy Day Women some thirty years ago. As the seller declares, it's the first release on the legendary Monogam label. What sort of world does he live in? One I'd frequently visit, I imagine. Difficult synth but not as hard work as say the Foetus Symphony Orchestra (featuring Lydia Lunch) which I found in a charity shop yesterday for £2. Anyway the seller raked in £26 for this German nugget.


1 Escorts : Bingo
2 Wild Swans : God Forbid
3 Allo, Darlin' : The Polaroid Song
4 Cavalcade : Meet You In The Rain
5 Kick Inside : Oh, Vanity!
6 Ogdens : Rachel Put Yours About Me
7 Blanche Hudson Weekend : Crying Shame
8 Blood Red Shoes : It's Getting Boring By The Sea
9 Parallelograms : Dream On Daisy
10 Shrag : Long Term Monster
11 Hardy Boys : Let The World Smother You
12 Some Average Prophecy : Tie Me To The Railway Line
13 Form : Start Again
14 Form : Watch Out
15 Cold Comfort : S.A.W.S
16 Hardy Boys : Plink Plonk Fizz
17 Voluntary Butler Scheme : Trading Things In
18 Hardy Boys : Send Me A Sign
19 Cavalcade : Voices
20 Cavalcade : Rooftops And Chaotic Streets