Wednesday, October 21, 2009

EYE ON EBAY-------More from Medway

Modern mods the Claim return with a 12" EP called This Pencil Was Obviously Sharpened By A Left Handed Indian Knife Thrower. What passes for humour in Kent may not raise a titter in Middlesex but that notwithstanding this was claimed for £26. One I intend to pick up one day when the price is right; it wasn't this time.

EYE ON EBAY-----The unloved

Two singles here that failed to seduce punters.
First an effort by Apes In Control. This has generated minor interest in the past but this time out bidders stayed away.

Next a fascinating, if flawed, attempt at being experimental in an extremely tentative way, by long forgotten galactic travellers Faraway Stars. I put this on the blog many months back to a fairly indifferent response. Even less response on ebay. No takers at the low starting bid of 99p.


1 L Kage : My Head's On Fire
2 Manhattan Love Suicides : Kessler Syndrome
3 Two People : Let's Raise Murder
4 Distant Cousins : Concrete Boxes
5 Pete Green : Best Band Supported By "Shockwaves"
6 Lost Boys : Who Are The Meek Ones?
7 What To Wear : We're The Martians Now
8 Venom : Later On
9 Peppelkade 14 : Hour After Hour
10 Beware The Dog : Madam
11 Dodos : Blind To Fiction
12 Absent Friends : Stand Up And Fight
13 Single File : Out In The Traffic
14 Moving Targets : The Boys Own
15 English McCoy : Give Me Something To Believe In
16 Home And Abroad : Alison (Please Don't Fall)
17 Help Stamp Out Loneliness : Record Shop
18 White Town : A New Surprise
19 Felt Tips : My Girlfriend Tried To Run Me Over
20 Sister Rain : Window Cowboys