Wednesday, July 16, 2008


1 Scabs : Amory Building
2 Wave Pictures : Strange Fruit For David
3 Kissamatic Lovebubble : Only Lust
4 Ebony Bones : Don't Fart On My Heart
5 Sea Urchins : Summershine
6 Some Loves : Know You Now
7 Penny Candles : Memory Box
8 Mob : Give It To Me
9 Kitchen Cinq : Determination
10 Newpolitans : Duck Town
11 Daniel Johnston : Fish
12 Nautical William : Love House
13 Manhattan Love Suicides : Clusterfuck
14 Astronauts : Back Soon
15 Ting Tings : That's Not My Name
16 Apple Creation : One In A Mirror
17 Exhibit A : Distance
18 Water Pistols : Gimme That Punk Junk
19 25 Views Of Worthing : You Are What You Eat
20 Autumn Leaves : You Didn't Say A Word

Green numbers indicate new entries.

Turntable Revolution Record Collection 11


My sadness at yet another secondhand record shop closing prevented me from coming up with a snappy title. It was probably a couple of years ago when Eastcote Sellanby closed its doors. Memorable mostly for its extensive collection of Rolf Harris paraphernalia it was never a source of gasp-out-loud finds. A Shelley Fabares LP, an Yma Sumac LP, the C86 comp on vinyl and the Horrorcomic CD are hardly a gold tinted crop but all were very reasonably priced. I probably darkened its doors half a dozen times and never quite found the courage to ask the rather grumpy owner if he'd do me a deal on a Rolf Harris stylophone. Since the shop's demise I have often pondered the fate of Rolf' miscellany.

And so I consoled myself with the knowledge that there still remained the South Harrow Sellanby. But no more. From a distance all seemed well, the gaudy yellow sign still proudly protruded from above the shop, but then I saw the Sellanby sign lying forlornly on the ground. It had been violently chopped in half and within the shop a couple of men were lazily measuring planks of wood. So it's Sellanbye bye to the shop where I acquired a Times LP for a negligible price a few years back. Will I venture to South Harrow again? Maybe as in the past I found the Koobas comp on Bam Caruso for a £1 and the 35 Summers 12" in the nearby charity shops.

What shops are left? Alan's in East Finchley is thriving. Others still open include Sounds Original in South Ealing, Rollin' Records in West Wickham, Flashback in Islington and Crouch End, Boogaloo in Fulham, a shop in Kingston, a shop in Hendon and a shop in Beckenham. Unless you know otherwise.