Tuesday, May 26, 2009

EYE ON EBAY-----Man of the cloth fills collection box

Fabric fetishist Lawrence Hayward of Felt and Denim fame first etched his name on pop's family tree back in 1979 with this rare single cheaply recorded in his bedroom. Certainly it champions the DIY ethic of the times, though those that heard it thought it should have stayed in his bedroom. I can't offer an opinion having never heard it and I declined to hurl £100+ just to have the privilege.



If they were behind the sales of their records they could now afford to shop in Selfridges but I think the Dolly Mixture girls will have to live off Happy Talk royalties for a little while longer as I suspect they aren't behind the latest deluge of Dolly Mixture vinyl that has swamped ebay of late. A decent £85 was taken by seller silasgreen5000 but I've seen this item soar over £100 before.



1 Camera Obscura : French Navy
2 Fontaines : Bernadette
3 Nine Steps To Ugly: Eddie Lopez Lives In Slough
4 Sneakers : Ruby
5 Fontaines : I Want Everything
6 Loch Ness Mouse : Vespa 50
7 Josie Cotton : Johnny Are You Queer?
8 Hermit Crabs : Flaxen-Haired Boy
9 Painted Word : Independence Day
10 Desk : Astronauts
11 Minisnap : Whistler
12 Sarah Goes Shopping : Yet Another Song About "Love And Peace"
13 News : 50% Reduction
14 Anti Social : Traffic Lights
15 Je Suis Animal : Painted In My Face
16 Devils Hole Gang : Isn't It
17 B-Team : All I Ever Wanted
18 Flying Colours : Abstract Art
19 Northern Portrait : Crazy
20 Kamikaze Pilots : Sharon Signs To Cherry Red

Green numbers indicate new entries.