Thursday, September 24, 2009

EYE ON EBAY------V's V's Me

After driving 4,000 miles around Europe in two weeks I'm too exhausted to invite controversy so I'm certain there's a legitimate explanation as to why this single by the Chevrons fails to meet the necessary criteria to award it a place in 45 Revs. The seller, the reliable Hypstr 66, claims it was released in 1979. Yet to sell, he has it at a buy it now price of £120.

EYE ON EBAY-----I got the Point

Helpfully the seller of the Point's single let potential buyers hear the whole song. I listened and liked what I heard, then swiftly went off to Gemm and bought the one copy on sale for just over £8. This I did a few hours before the listing ended and then saw the seller reel in £22. Maybe my quick thinking ensured the seller a better return.

EYE ON EBAY ----- A grey area

Not sure who the Black And White Lovers was. Hopefully not named after the execrable Ebony And Ivory they inspired enough passion among bidders to push the final price up to £84. Once again this came from C86/indiepop dealer Strike Up Matches who has a knack of unearthing obscure pop which attracts a few dedicated bidders.


1 What To Wear : We're The Martians Now
2 Home And Abroad : Alison (Please Don't Fall)
3 Help Stamp Out Loneliness : Record Shop
4 Felt Tips : My Girlfriend Tried To Run Me Over
5 Moving Targets : The Boys Own
6 Distant Cousins : Concrete Boxes
7 White Town : A New Surprise
8 Sister Rain : Window Cowboys
9 Downdime : Hate The Morning
10 Famous Five : Take Over
11 Smittens : What Do We Do Now?
12 Single File : Out In The Traffic
13 Little My : Guess Who
14 Beware The Dog : Madam
15 Eux Autres : Other Girls
16 Home And Abroad : Big Red Bus
17 English McCoy : Give Me Something To Believe In
18 Hardy Boys : Fifteen
19 Sitting Pretty : Broken Glass Lies
20 Das Schnitz : 4 AM

Green numbers indicate new entries.