Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Damn Atichon. He circled with intent and swooped on the much sought after Penny Candles 12". I pushed him beyond the reasonable limits. In the past this 12" couldn't muster more than £38.
He paid £60. Poor fool.


I had been waiting for a fascinating DIY jewel by the Inflatable Boy Clams to climb out of its shell and slither onto ebay for some time now. It appears every four months or so but always in the hands of an American seller. Postage can be steep, often adding another £6 or so. So I was in a state of happy hysteria when it washed up on ebay in the hands of a UK seller. I doubted it would be an easy catch and so it proved. In the final moments I deflated Bidder 4 and swam to shore with my prize. Bidder 4, what has ebay done? It seems sellers now have the choice of keeping bidders' identities anonymous. Bidder 4 just doesn't have the same ring to it. I wonder if I could confuse ebay and change my ebay moniker to Bidder 4? I'd find that mildly amusing for a day or two. Anyway Bidder 1, 2 and, hold on, I think I was Bidder 3, anyway Bidder 1 was a faint hearted fellow/lass and .....or was I Bidder 1? Oh who cares? I won and I am not a number, I'm a free man.


Venturing into the local PDSA I was pleasantly surprised to see the return of vinyl. A small box containing maybe 30 LP's. Nothing too interesting, Laura Nyro and Crosby Stills & Nash and some pre violin disco ELO. The singles, of which there were a substantial number, have exited the building but charity shops are subject to the whims of OAP overlords and they may return in the near future.


1 Youth Group : Sorry
2 Los Campesinos : Death To Los Campesinos
3 Alphabeat : Fascination
4 Wave Pictures : I Love You Like A Madman
5 Alphabeat : Fantastic Six
6 Hit Parade : Autobiography
7 Explained Emma : When My Heart Rings
8 Jeremiahs : Wipe Away Your Tears
9 Those Dancing Days : Those Dancing Days
10 Wave Pictures : Now You Are Pregnant
11 Legendary Hearts : Everything I Have
12 Yeah Jazz : Julie And The Sealions
13 Poems : I Am A Believer
14 Manhattan Love Suicides : Keep It Coming
15 Starlets : Give My Regards To Betty Ford
16 Those Dancing Days : Hitten
17 Fischers : Down The Days
18 Indelicates : 16
19 Company She Keeps : What A Girl Wants
20 Wave Pictures : We Dress Up Like Snowmen

Green numbers indicate new entries.