Tuesday, February 17, 2009

EYE ON EBAY-------Keeping an eye on the Ball

Ed Ball having guested on a Turntable Rev video now pays a visit to ebay in the form of the Times. Pop Goes Art was the first LP released on Whaam! and is very sought after. It comes in a spray painted sleeve designed by Ed's brother Andrew. Sold for £101.60.


More Ball. O Level released two seminal diy singles. East Sheen was the first and Ed Ball featured on it along with other members of the TV Personalities. Crude and defiantly ugly sounding yet strangely beautiful I had no choice but to buy this at the time as I lived in East Sheen. In the chorus O Level declared they would burn East Sheen down but they never did although late one night after returning from a Marc And The Mambas gig I saw the local timber yard ablaze. As far as I know O Level was never asked to explain their whereabouts. There are three versions of the sleeve and this one is the second rarest; it's also the sleeve my copy lives in.