Friday, July 9, 2010

EYE ON EBAY-------Homepride man's brief musical career.

Fred, an obscure synth outfit on the Tyger label, cooked up this recipe which I have never tasted. But cold wave/dark wave/minimal synth/either sounds like Depeche Mode or the Human League music is in vogue at the moment. That being said this sold for a modest £48.77.

EYE ON EBAY-----Seminal release

I doubted the existence of this despite it featuring in the estimable 45 Revs. A spoof, and a gloriously tasteless one at that. But I've been assured the Morning Spunk single does it exist; a copy sold on ebay about a year ago. Apparently the funsters behind this were not an offshoot of the Pork Dukes but former members of the Renegades, a British beat/R&B band who, failing to win hearts in the UK, did what so many other ignored British bands did, hawked their wares around Europe, wowing the Scandinavians before pitching up in Italy where they became stars by rousing the natives with some 50's R'n'R revival. If that didn't alarm the San Remo types their cash-in incarnation cover of Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll certainly left them incensed and probably inspired a youngish Silvio Berlusconi. The single flopped; somehow the snotty snobby Italians were unimpressed and scurried back to their opera seats. Sold for £41.77. And I won it.