Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Not fond of bidding on anything Modboy1 sells as it usually attracts Rockefeller types. Lazily and tentatively bid just under £30 for a single by Greenlines. Why? Because they reminded Modboy of the Homosexuals and the TV Personalities. Inevitably I was intrigued but cautiously and so lost out, said single selling for £30.55.

EYE ON EBAY---Lose 39 lbs in a minute

Here's one my girlfriend bought me for my bithday several years back. I hope she paid less than £39.89 for this excellent piece of punk whimsy by the Thin Yoghurts. Not often seen on ebay the buyer got a bargain.


1 What To Wear : We're The Martians Now
2 Moving Targets : The Boys Own
3 Home And Abroad : Alison (Please Don't Fall)
4 Distant Cousins : Concrete Boxes
5 Help Stamp Out Loneliness : Record Shop
6 White Town : A New Surprise
7 Single File : Out In The Traffic
8 Beware The Dog : Madam
9 Famous Five : Take Over
10 Felt Tips : My Girlfriend Tried To Run Me Over
11 Downdime : Hate The Mornings
12 Dodos : Blind To Fiction
13 Sister Rain : Window Cowboys
14 Little My : Guess Who
15 Two People : Let's Raise Murder
16 Smittens : What Do We Do Now?
17 Venom : Later On
18 Sitting Pretty : Broken Glass Lies
19 English McCoy : Give Me Something To Believe In
20 Home And Abroad : Big Red Bus

Green numbers indicate new entries.