Wednesday, March 12, 2008


6 Commotion Upstairs : EP

Usually I heap praise on my local PDSA when it comes to unearthing an unexpected gem but this time let me congratulate the British Heart Foundation. Rarely do they entertain the noble 7", if they do it's usually three or four they've chucked in with the 12"'s. On this day though the stunted cousin of the 12" had its own little box tucked away beneath a panoply of skirts. Commotion Upstairs was at the very front bearing a little red sticker with 50p scrawled on it. Obsequiously it winked at me, begging me to whisk it away from the dull company it was forced to consort with. Tiring no doubt of the incessant chatter of women sifting through A-line skirts it was anxious to be liberated. I felt the price was right and scooped it up. My insouciant attitude to thrift proved a benison as several months later a copy appeared on ebay and netted a lucky seller £102.


It came down to a face off with old enemy Atichon for the one and only Relations LP. I pushed him gingerly above £35 then denied my rasher instincts and snapped shut the metaphorical wallet. I couldn't persuade myself to pay more.