Thursday, October 8, 2009

EYE ON EBAY--------Early riser

Reference books are a thing of wonder, aren't they? But are they to be trusted? To safeguard the author from plagiarism said books have been known to invent facts. Even the A-Z has the odd false street marked in it. Waylaid by the wonder of a band called Morning Spunk found in 45 Revs I doubted the veracity of the entry. From what spurt of imagination did this name ooze? Whereas the Sex Pistols was a reasonably witty moniker what was amusing about a name possibly inspired by a dawn greeting from a chipper Australian?

But there's the £80 proof. Two naked girls drenched in a deluge of man jam adorn the cover; or alternatively they've just stepped out of the shower together. Released only in Italy, land of Berlusconi and topless TV presenters, the band shot their load of talent to little effect. Perhaps their brand of sleazy sex was a little premature, thirty years on Italy seems ready for them now.

EYE ON EBAY----Gets on my wick

The Penny Candles came from Hull, the place the Devil created for his kingdom, misspelling it so a vengeful God couldn't find him, and it rather annoyed me when their wonderful jangular 12" sold for a mere £23.55. I paid almost double for mine. Light a candle for me and fling a penny or two my way.