Thursday, May 13, 2010


1 Gross Club : Second Chance
2 Gits : Too Many People
3 Shimura Curves : Stronger
4 Cavalcade : Meet You In The Rain
5 Blood Red Shoes : You Bring Me Down
6 Orange : Judy Over The Rainbow
7 Screaming Silence : Same Old Story
8 Dum Dum Girls : Jail La La
9 Betty And The Werewolves : David Cassidy
10 Bluetrain : Land Of Gold
11 Deep Freeze Mice : Neuron Music
12 Ethnobabes : My Friend Ann
13 Lucky Soul : One Kiss Don't Make A Summer
14 Cradleyard : Alone
15 Dadistics : Modern Girl
16 Colenso Parade : Fontana Eyes
17 Vampire Weekend : Giving Up The Gun
18 Escorts : Bingo
19 Hardy Boys : Let The World Smother You
20 Cavalcade : This Silent Town

Green numbers indicate new entries.

EYE ON EBAY-----Wonderful buy

Has the market collapsed with regard to this slice of delicious vinyl pie? Maybe it was because the seller only had 98.8% positive feedback that this rare pop gem by the Hardy Boys sold for a meagre £69.90. And it was free postage from Japan. It's pleasing to see the Japanese selling some of our pop legacy back to us, assuming of course that the winning bidder was based in the UK.

The Hardy Boys are playing live tomorrow at the Buffalo Bar next to Highbury & Islington underground station.