Monday, October 27, 2008

Just because I'm old it doesn't mean I know all the answers. The Scavenger is confused by a cryptic clue about some obscure jazz artist in the Record Collector crossword. The first day of our fortnight of record scavenging in Brighton, Nottingham and Sheffield.

Here we are in Snooper's Paradise in Brighton. Noticing the odd stray grey hair the girlfriend thinks it's time I took to the golf course, a more suitable middle aged pursuit than rifling through old records. Unfortunately this is not a follow up to Tina Charles' show stopper Dr.Love.
Trying to create a little mystery I hide behind a cool record sleeve. It's cool because it's got the fabulous sixties girl band the Orchids on it and Louise Cordet. Please ignore the Bachelors.

Posing outside Anarchy before the girlfriend departs for tea and muffin at the nearby cafe. I'm still stupidly happy at finding one of the records ( Razorblade Smile ) I released on my label fifteen years ago but I refused to buy it as I still have 20 unsold copies at home. Instead I buy records by Mecca Normal and Eva Luna.

The Scavenger's arthritic knees are testament to his passion for plastic. Here I am thrilled at finding a Milky Wimpshake LP which I already own on vile CD. There is so much vintage dust in Anarchy that old miners visit it for nostalgic purposes.

Hit the north. I had the girlfriend working hard to get this shot. After four failed attempts I slowed down to a reckless 20 miles an hour.

This picture is dedicated to my old scarf which I lost in Oxford a week later. Of minor interest is the Eva Luna record I found in the Broomhill Oxfam, Sheffield.

Our spoils from Nottingham and Sheffield. This will either illustrate our diverse taste or complete lack of it. Disclaimer: the Mrs insisted we purchase Rodney Allen Rippy, nothing to do with me.