Thursday, January 22, 2009


Discovered in MVE a few months back this odd little effort from the Faraway Stars fell from the skies in 1981 on Robo records. The group was made up of Rose Saddler on bass and backing vocals, Pete Giles on synthesizers, Fran Ashcroft on vocals and guitars and Mick Pearl on drums.

The A side sounds as if it erupted from a bad teen movie cash-in celebrating the waywardness of early eighties youth. Production is pinned down to a minimum as befits a record that comes in a thin paper sleeve. Remember that Joy Division look? Brooding around on bridges and in underpasses suits some but is undermined here by the bicycle. Let's hope they stole it and they ride without clips.

Their genius remained inconspicuous and they vanished, possibly to roam around the planets.

I think the B side the better of the two tracks. It's no classic but it's mildly engaging though one might expect a little more threat from a song called Sex And Violence. Listen for yourselves.

sex and violence.mp3 - faraway stars