Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Turntable Revolution Record Collection 22


1 Northern Portrait : I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me
2 Pale Fountains : (Don't Let Your Love) Start A War
3 Queue Dance : Not The One For Me
4 Pocketbooks : Falling Leaves
5 Evening Outs : Channel
6 Clamber : Choose The Way
7 Fallover 24 : Pessimistic Man
8 Suntime Glorious : Sexual Health
9 Elephant Noise : Remember The Big Time
10 Field Mice : I Can See Myself Alone Forever
11 Miracle Mile : Breaking Down The Barriers
12 Bad Actors : Are They Hostile?
13 Sarah Goes Shopping : Once I've Seen Him
14 World Of Pooh : Stones Of Judgement
15 Some Average Prophecy : Goodnight England
16 Da Biz : On The Beach
17 Modernaires : Fait Vos Jeux
18 Sema 4 : Capital City
19 Northern Portrait : Crazy
20 Aerial FX : So Hard

Green numbers indicate new entries.


Firstly the Stolen Picassos which was stolen from me. The seller lists it as an LP. With four tracks? Are they an Australian Yes? They are purported to be twee indiepop. Has a twee indiepop song ever exceeded five minutes?

Next up the B Team single which I've been courting for two years and it still hasn't accepted my proposal to come live with me. Final price £64.53 a little too high given that it sold for under £50 a few months back. Be away with you.

The Extras single has featured on ebay before. Always attracts attention. Wonder what it sounds like. Anyway I bid a hesitant £36. Got swept away.

Far superior to their other single the Cybermen EP with the classic Cybernetic Surgery eluded me once again. I was elsewhere when the auction ended and left a rather hopeful £46 bid which failed.

I have the A side of the 021 single on a comp so I tentatively and absurdly chucked £15 at it. It went for £49.

Again I have the A side of the Zoot Alors single but am wondering if the B side is half as good. After finally finding Abstract Art by Flying Colours I was absolutely underwhelmed by the five minute instrumental on the B side. My £29.99 bid failed spectacularly.