Thursday, October 23, 2008


A Welsh nugget that I missed several months back finally came into my possession. Very much in the spirit of the experimental storm that swept through independent releases after the exertions of punk became wearisome for some, One On The Clapometer would have ensured 89 on the clapometer once my hands got busy. This had sold for over £30 in the past so I was pleased to snare it for under half that. What household doesn't need a sociopathic version of As Time Goes By? A dull one.


I was never really in the running for the Beyond The Implode single as its sale price
exceeded £160. I've seen it stumble over the £100 mark which is about its worth.
The seller decided on a crazy shipping price of £16 due to insurance, declaring
to customs and other such rigmarole. I can't decide whether he's a pristine
example of a law abiding citizen or a rip off merchant. This single is not the
Holy Grail for me, that's still the Evening Outs, but it's the equivalent of
one of the legs off of Arthur's round table.


In the last month those architects of the jejune Joy Division have been exercising their cultdom
all over ebay. A big fuss was caused over this

A nice little earner for the seller though not the equal to this

34 bids and not one of them was mine. I'm sure it'll break into four figures one day. But until I can perfect my design for a fold up car I'm out of any future bidding frenzy on these essential
JD ephemera.


1 Milky Wimpshake : Itchy Feet On A Tuesday Night
2 Friends Of The Bride : You Can't Take Him Anywhere
3 Desperate Bicycles : Skill
4 Friends Of The Bride : So.....You Think You Can Dance?
5 Tiberius' Minnows : Time Flies
6 Shapiros : Gone By Fall
7 Alphabeat : Boyfriend
8 Clientele : What Goes Up
9 Discount Chiefs : Trumpets Will Blow
10 Able : Regressing To Sixteen
11 Tearjerkers : Love Affair
12 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart : Come Saturday
13 Vivian Girls : Tell The World
14 Uncool Danceband : Jacqueline
15 Los Campesinos : My Year In Lists
16 Northern Picture Library : Paris
17 Ladyhawke : Paris Is Burning
18 BTP Folders : All Of A Sudden
19 Sea Urchins : Summershine
20 Friends Of The Bride : Buckle Up! Sunshine

Green numbers indicate new entries.