Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Congratulations Picheux 89 for trouncing all opposition in the hectic fight for Fallover 24. Here is a competitor who will throw obstinate heaps of money at records no matter their true worth. No need to point that gun at me, I'll admit that if I'd had the financial resources I'd have valiantly waded into fiscal deep waters. In cyber space there is no recession, the consumer tumor has not spread to ebay.


1 School : Let It Slip
2 Friends Of The Bride : So....You Think You Can Dance?
3 Northern Portrait : The Fallen Aristocracy
4 Friends Of The Bride : You Can't Take Him Anywhere
5 Stricken City : Tak O Tak
6 Northern Portrait : Crazy
7 Milky Wimpshake : Itchy Feet On A Tuesday Night
8 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart : This Love Is Fucking Right
9 Cindy And The Barbi Dolls : In Silence
10 Desperate Bicycles : Skill
11 Vivian Girls : Tell The World
12 Gobblinz : London
13 Henry Essence : Margarita
14 Friends Of The Bride : Buckle Up! Sunshine
15 Ladyhawke : Paris Is Burning
16 Los Campesinos : My Year In Lists
17 Jam Today : Stereotyping
18 Alphabeat : Boyfriend
19 Marble Orchard : Our Love Is Up To You
20 Shapiros : Gone By Fall

Green numbers indicate new entries.