Wednesday, April 1, 2009

THE SCOOP----------So good ladies took their clothes off for them.

The Daily Mail, the paper which helps the ignorant become the misinformed ignorant, would shudder at this lewd cover. There is something of the MacBethian-hag-at-cauldron look about these two unashamed nudes disporting themselves on the cover of the Scoop's single. The longer I gaze on them the more a certain actress named Patricia Hodge comes to mind.

Musically the Scoop delight in amateurish mod-friendly unfussy tunes a little reminiscent of the Head. The band consisted of Martyn Clapson on lead guitar/vocals, Sam Hodgkin on vocals, James Morris on bass guitar and John Turner on drums and vocals. The record was released in the dying days of the seventies on the band's own label Sharp. In early 1981 they recorded a tape only LP before being ladled into the great incinerator of obscurity.

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