Thursday, June 4, 2009

EYE ON EBAY------Caught by the Buzz.

Redball records found Shrewsbury's finest feral youth and encouraged them to wreak musical havoc on this first release. The Buzz would return with slightly different personnel to record an LP in 1981 called Asylum.

EYE ON EBAY-----Dr.Who's deadly foe seeks new home.

Dumb punk of the finest kind. Has been no.1 on the Dalek's planet for thirty years. Only singles by Dalek I Love You and Dalek Beach Party have dared to challenge its superiority but they have all been exterminated. This is the Art Attacks single I Am A Dalek which sold for £30+, probably not to a Cyberman.

EYE ON EBAY-----Japanese seller giving a little back

Here are a few powerpoppers presently residing in Japan although they are all about to go travelling. I have not heard this single by the Neat but it fetched a tidy sum.

I've been tempted by the Extras effort before but never had the courage to bid blind (meaning I've never heard it). Always seems to generate interest but sold for a mild £31 this time.

And finally the classic Your I's Are Too Close Together by the Elevators. I have the A side on a comp but is the B side any good?
Sold for an extremely low price due to the sleeve being a xerox copy.


Cutbacks in the household have dictated harsh decisions have had to be made. Only ensnare the extremely intriguing or the most wanted. Applying the former rule I cornered an opponent and dealt them a fatal blow. Having discovered this Cindy And The Barbi Dolls/Young Marble Giants hybrid I could not approach this auction in a listless manner. Indifferent Dance Centre was from Chichester and released this single in 1982. I am unaware of any other releases.


I made sure the winner of the Beyond The Implode single delved deep to claim their reward. This was their second release which is almost as desirable as their first. They have recently released a new single should you wish to subject yourself to their peculiar slice of sloppy genius.


1 Hardy Boys : Wonderful Lie
2 Camera Obscura : French Navy
3 Nine Steps To Ugly : Bobby Charlton's Haircut
4 Fontaines : Bernadette
5 Grout : Fast Cars
6 Desk : Astronauts
7 Sneakers : Ruby
8 Josie Cotton : Johnny Are You Queer?
9 Nine Steps To Ugly : Eddie Lopez Lives In Slough
10 Eggstone : Bubblebed
11 Mary-Go-Round : Fill My Head
12 Fontaines : I Want Everything
13 Proles : Thought Crime
14 Loch Ness Mouse : Vespa 50
15 Northern Portrait : Crazy
16 Minisnap : Whistler
17 Sarah Goes Shopping : Yet Another Song About "Love And Peace"
18 Hermit Crabs : Flaxen-Haired Boy
19 Anti Social : Traffic Lights
20 Je Suis Animal : Painted In My Face

Green numbers indicate new entries.