Thursday, June 4, 2009

EYE ON EBAY-----Japanese seller giving a little back

Here are a few powerpoppers presently residing in Japan although they are all about to go travelling. I have not heard this single by the Neat but it fetched a tidy sum.

I've been tempted by the Extras effort before but never had the courage to bid blind (meaning I've never heard it). Always seems to generate interest but sold for a mild £31 this time.

And finally the classic Your I's Are Too Close Together by the Elevators. I have the A side on a comp but is the B side any good?
Sold for an extremely low price due to the sleeve being a xerox copy.


Low Down Kids said...

The Neat: fantastic powerpop, both sides.

The Extras: would've been dearer with the p/s. Got a mouth-organ.

Rupert Cook said...

So it sounds like I need that Neat record. Pass me the wants list Kathryn.

bristolboy said...

if you want to hear it go over to

it's on there!!

or its on a buy it now on ebay for £60

Rupert Cook said...

Cheers Bristolboy.