Thursday, May 20, 2010

EYE ON EBAY-----Double signal

They came from York and they had a thing about signs. This is Sema 4, who if around today might well have written an ode to York City's march to Wembley a few weeks ago, perhaps a reworking of their dynamic song Capital City. Both EPs surfaced within a few days of each other, the 4 From Sema 4 single, despite being a little trammelled, achieved a remarkable sale price of £181. A different seller extracted £94.99 for, in my opinion, the slightly stronger second release. Both contain very fine furious muddy moddy punky numbers.

EYE ON EBAY----Little support for this Limps effort

Described as a worthy EP by 45 Revs which might imply a degree of mediocrity is on show on this four track EP which showcases two efforts each from The Limps and No Support. They released a further shared single before filing for a permanent divorce in 1981. This struggled to titillate ebay's punk community, no doubt due to the absence of the picture sleeve, the seller claiming a rather weak £32.

EYE ON EBAY-----Wails from Wales

This EP promises Sex, Violence And The Eternal Truth. Featuring old favourites What To Wear, who appear to have the lowdown on Martians, Lost Boys, Venom and the Dodos, it's a plucky affair that usually attracts serious bidders. This was on offer without a sleeve which undoubtedly affected the final price of £51.09.