Monday, July 7, 2008


1 Daniel Johnston : Fish
2 Kitchen Cinq : Determination
3 Thanes : Hey Girl (Look What You've Done)
4 Some Loves : Know You Now
5 Nautical William : Love House
6 Autumn Leaves : You Didn't Say A Word
7 Wave Pictures : Strange Fruit For David
8 Jetset : Judy's Toy Box
9 Kissamatic Lovebubble : Only Lust
10 Astronauts : All Night Party
11 Water Pistols : Gimme That Punk Junk
12 Penny Candles : Taj Mahal
13 Hill Bandits : Nowhere Train
14 Manhattan Love Suicides : Clusterfuck
15 Ebony Bones : Don't Fart On My Heart
16 Der Plan : Gummi Twist
17 Fragile Friends : The Novelty Wears Off
18 School : All I Wanna Do
19 Ting Tings : That's Not My Name
20 Estelle : American Boy

Green numbers indicate new entries.


Detour Records are shedding some of their treasured punk 7"'s this week. I've been on the trail of Llygod Ffyrnig's NCB for several years now. I know it's been reissued but I want the original picture cover. Detour listed it and stirred up much anxious activity. It soon soared past the £100 mark. I was left adrift long before that and could only watch jealously as Pop2289 scooped it up for a meagre £135. I'm off to Cob Records in Wales next month and imagining it will be waiting for me there for half the price. It's a dream but we collectors gnaw daily on our dreams until they are disjointed hallucinatory threads...........................................