Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Somehow it seems inappropriate to part with prodigous sums of money for an old cassette. Ethics, a fickle principle, call it what you will, it means I won't get to hear the Penny Candles song Sometimes. Just how many songs are called Sometimes? It's been used by Firehose, Erasure, James, Britney Spears and Ash. Yes I know there are more.


EYE ON EBAY------Got it on tape, but at a price.

In the grip of some crazy fever a cassette featuring the Penny Candles and the Wallflowers ( from Slough ) sells for a hefty £75. I can't fault anyone for liking the Penny Candles ; this is the second cassette featuring songs unavailable elsewhere as far as I know. How about a Penny Candles retrospective CD? Hull should have something to be proud of, now the football team is sinking fast.


EYE ON EBAY--------Now that's what I call music

Lpman secures another fine wad of cash for the Now's second single on Raw records. That's a rare record but the tracks are easy to obtain so no need to sacrifice £444.71.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Singles Slide Show

EYE ON EBAY--------A Luxury I Can Afford

I let this one go as I have both sides on a CD comp. The Luxury single though is one of the best American powerpoppers of the late 70's. Both sides are sublime. If I'd had more money to spare I'd have made a handsome bid for it as we all know vinyl has a superior sound to CD. A paltry £28.41 ssecured this gem.


EYE ON EBAY-------What a Scoop

The Scoop's four track EP sells for an invigorating £171. Quite beyond my price range which is why I'm glad I scooped it up a few weeks ago for a tad over £50. I feel a little smug.


Saturday, March 21, 2009


1 Toys : My Mind Wanders
2 Flying Colours : Abstract Art
3 Golinski Brothers : Bloody
4 Comet Gain : Books Of California
5 Patsy Ann Noble : Tied Up With Mary
6 Dancette : Going Green
7 Carrots : Doing Our Part
8 Pete Green : Everything I Do Is Gonna Be Sparkly
9 Go Sailor : Fine Day For Sailing
10 Elephant Noise : Remember The Big Time
11 Cold War : The Machinist
12 Small World : First Impressions
13 Sister Rain : Burt Reynolds
14 Clay People : Wreathes And Seashells
15 Northern Portrait : Crazy
16 Pocketbooks : Falling Leaves
17 Sarah Goes Shopping : Once I've Seen Him
18 Northern Portrait : I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me
19 Aerial FX : So Hard
20 Evening Outs : Channel

Green numbers indicate new entries.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Turntable Revolution Record Collection 23


Yesterday a much sought after mod revival single turned up in one of my esteemed haunts, Alan's record shop in East Finchley. The B-Team single was as hard to pin down as the A-Team. Three or four times it refused to succumb to my bidding on ebay. Not in pristine condition but worth the £4 I paid for it as it last sold on ebay for around £60. Outbid at the last that day finding it yesterday was a succulent joy.

Released on the Diamond Record Corporation in 1985 it is apparently the label's eighth attempt at chart success. So what are the others?

The B-Team consisted of Tony Vessey on bass, Kelvin Davis on guitar/vocals, Doug McNair on keyboards and Steve Bessemer on drums. On the sleeve the band are nonchalantly hovering around an E-Type Jag, ostensibly void of all envy but secretly hoping record sales will boost their accounts and enable them to ditch their Vespas and secure ownership of the sleek contraption they are defiantly trying to ignore. What halted their path to glory? Lack of airplay, bad promotion, poor distribution or the uncanny resemblance one of the band has to Jimmy Nail. We can only speculate but the irony is that if one of the band had fifty copies of their single fraternizing with dust in the attic and he released them into ebay world he'd probably be able to buy an E-Type Jag.

b team all i ever wanted.mp3 -

EYE ON EBAY-------It's art, apparently.

Lovely comp with such luminaries as the Gifted Children, Direct Hits, TV Personalities, Pastels, Revolving Paint Dream and the Laughing Apple featuring. It's on Whaam! so the mighty Ed Ball has his over-sized hand involved in this. Fetched a decent £62.60.



Redball records released the Buzz single in 1979. The band were based in Shrewsbury, that hotbed of mischief and militancy. Not satisfied with one stab at fame they poked destiny in the chest by producing an LP but fate refused to bend and they embraced obscurity. I threw a meagre £34 at this and was not surprisingly outbid but the sale price seemed low at £46.57.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


1 Flying Colours : Abstract Art
2 Patsy Ann Noble : Tied Up With Mary
3 Carrots : Doing Our Part
4 Toys : My Mind Wanders
5 Comet Gain : Books Of California
6 Cold War : The Machinist
7 Small World : First Impressions
8 Elephant Noise : Remember The Big Time
9 Dancette : Going Green
10 Pete Green : Everything I Do Is Gonna Be Sparkly
11 Aerial FX : So Hard
12 Pocketbooks : Falling Leaves
13 Sarah Goes Shopping : Once I've Seen Him
14 Go Sailor : Fine Day For Sailing
15 Northern Portrait : I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me
16 Northern Portrait : Crazy
17 Clay People : Wreathes And Seashells
18 Evening Outs : Channel
19 Golinski Brothers : Bloody
20 Field Mice : I Can See Myself Alone Forever

Green numbers inicate new entries.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The girlfriend went on a reconnaissance mission to deepest East Anglia at the weekend. She was officially on a hen weekend but she was secretly scouting for lost pleasures inscribed on shards of plastic. Straying from the battalion of boozy women she stumbled on a dusty junkshop where sunlight hissed in corners like shrivelled snakes. From the vinyl detainees she liberated a single by This Replica from 1988 on the evocatively named Fenrock label. This is the second release on Fenrock; she also returned with Fen 01, Why You Lie by Nutmeg.

This Replica consisted of Darren Walker on vocals and lead and rhythm guitar, Lyndsey Paxton on keyboards, Chris Scurrah on bass guitar and Jim Thorby on drums.

On the cover they appear to be posing in a playground in the grip of deep and original thoughts, perhaps contemplating the onslaught of impending fame that would whisk them away from East Anglian drudgery. Their dreams turned out to be as flat as the fens; but they do have a MySpace page and are still looking for the signpost to success amidst the early morning Norfolk mists.

this replica tunnel vision.mp3 -

EYE ON EBAY--------Kiwi on drugs

Here's an example of antipodean antipathy, the Steroids' Mr.Average sells for a decidedly non-average £163.34. Looks like they were based in my father's home town of Wellington on New Zealand's north island. Completely unknown to me but pricks my interest as it originated from the ancestral home on my paternal side.


Friday, March 6, 2009


May 22 at the Windmill in Brixton should be the first Turntable Rev gig. Featuring the Understudies and My Raining Stars. I still haven't sorted out a headline band. I have tried to get Ed Ball and the School but they are unavailable. The School are playing at the Cavern in Liverpool that night.

Are you a headline act? Are you of a indie/powerpop nature? That is if you sound like Orange Juice, Buzzcocks or Heavenly I'd be interested. Even if you only sound a little like them. Or if you sound like, or indeed are, any band on the Fortuna Pop, Cloudberry, Moshi Moshi, Elefant, Siesta, Wee Pop or Matinee labels get in touch.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


A tentative bid and all was lost. Admittedly I have no idea who Harvest were or what they sound like but the words powerpop caught me in its crab-like claws and I wriggled to break free. Which I did and it was not me that paid £92. This single appeared on ebay a few weeks back and sold for just over £100. Have I missed out on a classic?



1 Flying Colours : Abstract Art
2 Carrots : Doing Our Part
3 Small World : First Impressions
4 Pocketbooks : Falling Leaves
5 Elephant Noise : Remember The Big Time
6 Aerial FX : So Hard
7 Sarah Goes Shopping : Once I've Seen Him
8 Patsy Ann Noble : Tied Up With Mary
9 Cold War : The Machinist
10 Dancette : Going Green
11 Northern Portrait : I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me
12 Pete Green : Everything I Do Is Gonna Be Sparkly
13 Northern Portrait : Crazy
14 Comet Gain : Books Of California
15 Field Mice : I Can See Myself Alone Forever
16 Evening Outs : Channel
17 Pale Fountains : (Don't Let Your Love) Start A War
18 Toys : My Mind Wanders
19 Fallover 24 : Pessimistic Man
20 Clamber : Choose The Way

Green numbers indicate new entries.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

EYE ON EBAY-------Seller not amused

Bidders failed to put a smile on the face of Romarocket despite offering him £7,192.19 for God Save The Queen on A&M. The reserve was not met and this Sex Pistols rarity will be remaining where it is for now. I wonder what his reserve was. I'm guessing £8,000.