Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The girlfriend went on a reconnaissance mission to deepest East Anglia at the weekend. She was officially on a hen weekend but she was secretly scouting for lost pleasures inscribed on shards of plastic. Straying from the battalion of boozy women she stumbled on a dusty junkshop where sunlight hissed in corners like shrivelled snakes. From the vinyl detainees she liberated a single by This Replica from 1988 on the evocatively named Fenrock label. This is the second release on Fenrock; she also returned with Fen 01, Why You Lie by Nutmeg.

This Replica consisted of Darren Walker on vocals and lead and rhythm guitar, Lyndsey Paxton on keyboards, Chris Scurrah on bass guitar and Jim Thorby on drums.

On the cover they appear to be posing in a playground in the grip of deep and original thoughts, perhaps contemplating the onslaught of impending fame that would whisk them away from East Anglian drudgery. Their dreams turned out to be as flat as the fens; but they do have a MySpace page and are still looking for the signpost to success amidst the early morning Norfolk mists.

this replica tunnel vision.mp3 -


shelflife said...

that's fantastic!

2xTrouble said...

Can you help me track down a recording called "Hibernation of Molluscs"? I had always assumed it was a s/t release but Chris Scurrah (who played on track 14 - http://www.scurrah.co.uk/penigina.htm - refers to it as a project of Penigina III; and someone else I contacted referred to it as "by Tim Harding, who was the main-man behind it (the whole 'New Blood Transmissions', '39 Converts', Matrix label etc was pretty much his baby)."

Best, Mark