Wednesday, June 30, 2010


1 Velocette : Get Yourself Together
2 Orange : Judy Over The Rainbow
3 Blue Smarties : Sloop Buffy D
4 Bluetrain : Land Of Gold
5 Fascinators : Blue Movies
6 Deep Freeze Mice : Neuron Music
7 Plastics : Robot
8 Bluetrain : Because Of The Dollars
9 Fascinators : Monochrome Moan
10 Vampire Weekend : Giving Up The Gun
11 Jumprope : Sarah Wishes
12 Ethnobabes : The Televison Song
13 Gits : Too Many People
14 Playing For Time : With My Heart
15 Cavalcade : Meet You In The Rain
16 Rogers Sisters : Les Fantaisies Sont Bien
17 Dum Dum Girls : Jail La La
18 Escorts : Bingo
19 Blood Red Shoes : You Bring Me Down
20 Gross Club : Second Chance

Green numbers indicate new entries.

EYE ON EBAY-----Back from the drastic land of non-payment.

The original winner of this item did a runner, maybe through a tunnel, and so the Tunnelrunners rare Plastic Land single returned to ebay. Excitement mounted as this little gem shimmied up the bidding ladder finally resting at £520, £200 less than its previous price.

EYE ON EBAY------Keep your Schnitz about you

Torquay's teenage terrors Das Schnitz return to ebay, this time not in one of their classic custom made sleeves but in a more prosaic paper sleeve. Didn't deter one punter paying out £171 for this classic ep.